Smb Environmental Projects Pvt. Ltd. Blog Latest Products Thu, 13 Jun 2024 13:37:02 +0530 en-us Equipment Leasing for MSME Thu, 09 Apr 2015 22:45:25 +0530 EQUIPMENT LEASING SCHEME Attention :  MSME Entrepreneurs & SSI Industrialists SMB Environmental Projects Pvt Ltd ( SMBEPL) a popular project consultancy company among MSME sector, has started a  Registry scheme  for Plant, Equipment & Machinery Leasing ( SMB-ELPEM) and invite all MSME entrepreneurs and SSI Industrialist in India and abroad to register themselves in this SMB-ELPEM Registry to avail an excellent  opportunity to finance their plant & machinery requirements through the mode of lease rental directly from the manufacturers of P & M. While on one hand, this will minimize their capital expenditure on the other hand, small entrepreneurs and industrialists need not go for any costly interest – bearing finance from the banks and institutes. A nominal one time fee is payable to register which will be valid until the lease agreement is finalized with the lessor on mutually agreed terms. Broad features of this scheme are given here as follows:  1.   Existing MSME entrepreneurs / SSI industrialists or those who are planning to start a new SSI  project from India or anywhere from the World may register with us at a nominal one-time fee of IRs. 990 / - without any obligation on either side. 2.   The MSME / SSI industrialists should be willing to enter into a lease agreement for their plant, equipments and machines requirements with a P & M manufacturer whose lease bid should be competitive enough after jointly evaluating the available quotes from them and finally recommended by SMBEPL. 3.   The lease rental period shall be a minimum of 3 Years from the date of delivery of plant, equipment or machinery by the lessor to the lessee, OR as agreed by all concerned. 4. The lessor shall maintain his / their lien and ownership rights during the currency of lease rental period. 5.   The lessee shall have an option to out rightly purchase the plant, equipment or machinery leased to him within 3 Years by paying either the depreciated cost of subject plant equipment n machinery or by paying replacement cost minus the amount paid as lease rental thus far, whichever is agreed mutually. 6.   At the end of 3 years / end of lease rental period the lessee shall compulsorily purchase the leased plant, equipment  and machinery from the lessor by paying its depreciated cost failing which, the lessor shall exercise his / their right to take back its plant, equipment and machinery, without prejudice to any other claims of damages he/they may be entitled to recover. 7. A specific lease rental agreement shall be entered into by both the parties covering the above and any other terms and conditions as may be necessary. 8.   For any query on this scheme or further clarifications if required, please contact us by writing to  9.   MSME Entrepreneurs / SSI Industrialists, interested in availing the benefits of lease rental scheme of financing may send the following form duly filled in as an email attachment and after remitting the processing fee of IRs. 990 as per instructions on the attached form. PLEASE FILL IN THIS FORM FOR REGISTERING WITH US AS A LESSEE OF PLANT / MACHINERY / EQUIPMENT / SYSTEM REQUIRED AS YOUR PROJECT FACILITIES Name of your company / firm: _________________________________________________ Address: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact Person Mobile: _________________ Email: _____________________________ Details of Major Products / Equipment / Systems / Plants /  required by you on lease rental :     S.No Name of the Products / Equipment / Systems / Plants / needed for your project Capacity /per day or per hour No of units / pcs needed Any info you may like to provide 1         2         3                               Please send a sum of INR 990 / - as processing fee to any of our following bank account by NEFT / Cheque / Draft/Cash and confirm to us the details by email to :   Name: SMB Environmental Projects Pvt Ltd., Bank: Bank of Baroda, IFSC code :BARB0SADNAG, Account No: 08990200000594      Name: S.A. Azad, Bank: ICICI, IFSC code: ICIC0000869  Account No: 086901502652 Low investment projects Thu, 09 Apr 2015 22:56:08 +0530   1.     Aluminum Foils & Containers for packed foods 2.     Bottling of Mineral Water / Flavored Water 3.     Cold Storage for fruits & vegetables 4.     Filtration of used Transformer Oil 5.     MS binding wire and Galvanized wires 6.     PET bottles from PET pre-forms / PET granules 7.     Potato / Banana chips and related products 8.     PVC cables and wires 9.     Pyrolysis Oil from Scrap Tyres / Waste Plastics 10.  LED lamps manufacturing 11.  Tin containers   12.  Unsaturated Polymer resins And Many more....... For details on each of the above or for a project of your choice, please contact us with your spesific requirements.    Class Room Training video of Solar business Sun, 13 Oct 2019 19:54:34 +0530 Those interested to join us as Solar Entrepreneurs may read our Agreement of Association and contact us to guide further.  Also ask for an 80 minutes actual solar training class video for nominal charges.  Our contacts: +91 9860240852 and email