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Food Processing Services

Food Processing Services

Important Information :

  • If you own a land plot of more than 20 acres, Agriculture or NA, SMB Environmental Projects will help you in developing this cluster or a food processing park by providing techno-commercial liaison with Govt & other concerned agencies.
  • Land owner / lessees can set up above industries and claim 30 % subsidy on the capital investment from the Ministry of Food Processing, Govt of India. Exemptions in taxes, duties etc upto 8 years from the State Government. A lot of other incentives and subsidies for SSI / MSME sectors are available.
  • SMB Environmental projects Pvt Ltd will provide technical knowhow and project consultancy for any of the above projects, from start to finish and will ensure successful startup for the entrepreneurs. A consultation fees upto 3 % of the cost of project ( subject to a minimum amount ) is applicable for this service, under a standard consultancy agreement. A complete Action Plan & A draft of the consultancy agreement are available elsewhere on this site.

Low Investment

Name of the industry
Investment in Plant
(Rs. Lakhs)

Land (Sq. Ft)
A Dairy unit with allied milk products 200 33000
A Buffalo dome farm 150 33000
Cattle & Poultry herbal Feed unit 75 11000
Tetra packs manufacturing unit 25 5500
Card Board Boxes, egg tray making unit 25 5500
Egg albumin from Egg yellow 55 11000
Plastic blowing unit for PET containers & bottles 65 5500
Dehydrated Onion & Garlic Powder 50 11000
Flavored & Mineral Water 55 11000
HDPE Woven sacks 95 5500
Wheat flour mill & bakery unit 25 5500
Dal Mill and polishing unit 125 11000
Tin container making unit for packaging 50 5500
Cold Storage 75 11000
Thermostat Plastic items mfg 75 11000


  • All figures subject to confirmation after making a DPR on case to case basis.
  • For details, contact Whatsapp / SMS : +91-9860240852, +91-9665040852

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