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PET Bottle Industry Projects

PET Bottle Industry Projects

We are one of the leading Project Consultancies offering to execute and commission PET Bottle Industry Projects. We are the best Turnkey Service Providers providing assistance in conceptualizing and setting up of PET Bottles manufacturing plants and businesses. We can do so as per the specifications provided by the client. We are backed by a team of industry experts. Therefore, we guarantee our projects are completed within the stipulated time.

Scope Of Industry : Production of PET bottles started in 1985 in India. Hence Pet Bottles has opened new vistas of application in packaging variety of items. Today, PET Bottles has replaces almost all areas of glass bottles due to its flexibility and some of the special features. As in most areas of the world, the Indian packaging industry is growing, although accurate figures are hard to obtain. An estimate of 10% is probably close, and clearly, plastics have made a significant contribution here. Market demands for higher performance packaging will generate a 19% annual growth rate for the next five years.

Project Highlights :

  • Plant & Machinery : Rs. 55 Lakhs
  • Working Capital : Rs. 10 Lakhs
  • Profit per year : Rs. 20 lakhs
  • Payback period : 3 years

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