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TIN Container Industry Projects

TIN Container Industry Projects

Over the years, the demand for TIN Container Industry Projects has increased exponentially. Therefore, starting a business related to manufacturing the product is lucrative. We can help you establish an efficient tin container production business. We will do so as per specifications provided by. You can rely on us and we will provide you with frequents reports regarding the project to keep you in the loop.

Scope of Industry : Growth in the construction and FMCG sector of economy, particularly after the drive and initiative undertaken in line with the PM’s “ Make in India” program is resulting in very high growth rate of consumption of products like Paints, lacquers, putties, varnish, adhesives, edible oils, ad. As per one estimate, the growth of such products is more than 15% and hence the demand of containers for such products is increasing in the same proportion.

Project Highlights :

  • Plant & Machinery : Rs. 50 Lakhs
  • Working Capital : Rs. 15 Lakhs
  • Profit per year : Rs. 25 lakhs
  • Payback period : 3 years

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