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Unsaturated Polymer Resins Industry Projects

Unsaturated Polymer Resins Industry Projects

We are ranked among reputed Project Consultants undertaking Unsaturated Polymer Resins Industry Projects. Our company is engaged in engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction & management of a reliable Unsaturated Polymer Resins’ manufacturing plant to help clients get a good grip in the industry. Since, production of Unsaturated Polymer Resins is a lucrative business; you will reap lots of profit. Clients can rest assured; we carry out the project work after proper approval.

Scope of Industry : Unsaturated polyester resins are the most commonly used thermoset resins in the world. More than 2 million tonnes of unsaturated polyester resins are utilized globally for the manufacture of a wide assortment of products, including sanitary-ware, pipes, tanks, gratings and high performance components for the marine and automotive industry. Unsaturated polyester resins are much favored over their metallic counterparts due to lightweight. With the current fuel and processing costs, the increasing prices of steel and aluminium are pushing more fabricators to use unsaturated polyester resin composites instead.

Project Highlights :

  • Plant & Machinery : Rs. 150 Lakhs
  • Working Capital : Rs. 45 Lakhs
  • Profit per year : Rs. 70 lakhs
  • Payback period : 3 years

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