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Waste Plastic Industry Projects

Waste Plastic Industry Projects

We are one of the leading Project Consultants who can help you start a Waste Plastic business by undertaking Waste Plastic Industry Projects. it is a great idea to invest in the project as the need to process waste plastic is increasing day by day. you can rely on us to conceptualize, erect and commission the project within the stipulated time as per requirements specified by you.
Scope of Industry : Pyrolysis of waste tyres and plastics consists of controlled-temperature thermal de-polymerization, to obtain a valuable fuel oil called Pyro Diesel Oil (PDO). The rubber / plastics char remaining as a residual byproduct is called carbon black, which is also a very useful industrial raw material in great demand. It is normally used by the cement factories in their hot kilns as an atomized fuel. Or it can be mixed with a binder and converted into solid pelletized fuel briquettes for further use as an industrial fuel.

Project Highlights :

  • Plant & Machinery : Rs. 60 Lakhs
  • Working Capital : Rs. 10 Lakhs
  • Profit per year : Rs. 25 lakhs
  • Payback period : 3 years

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